Ski lesson for adults

We offer ski courses in the form of group courses or private courses.

In our beginner courses you will learn the correct and safe basic technique. In small steps from safe braking on the practice lift to carving in the basic level to short turns and deep snow skiing.

What do our courses include?

Learning the safe and correct basic technique

  • Continuing and perfecting their technique at all skill levels
  • Lessons in small groups
  • Deep snow courses, racing technique courses

In our top groups, skiing on deep snow slopes and firn slopes is at the top of the wish list. Each participant will be equipped with a VS device. These groups are always accompanied by experienced and well-trained ski guides.

Price list for group ski courses for adults:

  • Group lessons from 4 people.
  • Price list – one-time booking, it is possible to add up the difference after the 1st day.
  • Full-day courses Extension days after two booked days (4 hours) EUR 50.00.
  • 1 day = 4 hours

Gruppeneinteilung Erwachsene

Beginners: We move in the practice area. No prior knowledge required.

Slightly advanced: learning and mastering curves on blue slopes.

Advanced: Learn the basics of parallel ski steering.

Ambitious: Refining the parallel skiing technique, getting to know the terrain and deep snow.

Pro: Safe behavior on all slopes. Goal: Perfecting the cut turns, deep snow and off-road skiing, increased speed, safety and control.